Saturday, December 18, 2010

Puttin It All In the Bag

Post for Monday, December 13:

Today was our final day for class! And boy did we end it in quit the unique way. Finally having finished our Pasta Demonstration posters and getting them printed, we put together a CD for Franc with the final refinements done to all of our Al Dente work to turn in. We also printed out three of our favorite labels from the 8 total that we designed and headed over to the Al Dente Pasta factory in Whitmore Lake. Once there, we took a short tour to see how was the pasta was packaged and distributed. We also were able to take the labels we printed out to put on the Al Dente packaging bags and get them filled with pasta! It was really cool to see our work displayed with the actual pasta :)
After we headed over to Monique's for a delicious pasta lunch and there, presented her with our posters. She loved them! The food was great and the joyful conversation about our work and its wonderful turn out filled the air.

I've posted some images of our final posters (above), which are 24''x36'', and some images from the Monique's celebration (below)!

Hope you enjoy!

Happy Holidays,
A.D. Trois

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