Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Printed Iterations of the Poster

Post for Monday, Dec. 8:

In class on Monday, we had a critique of our in progress poster designs. It was very interesting to once again come all together and see the different directions that everyone has gone with these posters. Another element that was particularly exciting was seeing these designs go from mere sketches in sketch books to full color prints hanging on the wall. The final poster is going to be 24" x 36". For most of us, this will be the largest we have ever printed. One challenging thing in regards to this was trying to keep in mind how large the poster is actually going to be/look since most people had printed their posters half size or smaller. In our group, we each seemed to try to relate the design of our posters back to our labels and with consideration of the placement and use of our logos. Issues that were brought up generally had to do with color, placement, illustration, typeface, hierarchy and concept. On Wednesday, we will continue work on these posters in hopes of printing in full size by Monday. Pictured above are the posters we presented to the class on Monday.

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