Saturday, December 4, 2010

Beginning Stages

Post for Wednesday, Dec 1:

On Wednesday's class we had a discussion regarding the posters. We were all
excited about making them, and brought in our preliminary sketches and
ideas. Some things we considered were what was important to have on the
poster, such as the logo and the places/times of cooking demonstrations.
This tends to be a lot of information, and our challenge will definitely be
how to organize the info in an interesting way that will not look
overwhelming. Posters need to draw in a viewer in a matter of seconds, so
the design has to be simple as well as compelling. Some of us used photos
of Monique, but we realized quickly that this was problematic because many
of the photos we have in our archives have the previous identity on aprons
and bags, which conflicts with our new designs. Instead we will have to use
new individual photographs and drawings if we choose to use images.
Overall, everyone's ideas seemed to be coming together nicely, posters are
definitely one of the more exciting items to design.

Here is an example of one of the preliminary poster designs by Jackie:

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