Saturday, November 27, 2010

Presenting to Monique!

Post for Monday, November 22:
Above is what was newly presented today (things that were presented, but unchanged can be found in the previous posts).

Today we finally presented all of our finished work for Al Dente to Monique. It was great to see her reaction and see what she had to say about each's work. She was so enthused by all that we have done that we couldn't all but help give ourselves a HUGE pat on the back. It was super interesting to notice how groups that started together, finished with logos/designs that all related, yet were all so different in the ways that each was unique to the designer's style. Finally, after all the iterations and reworking that our logo type/identity creating has gone through, we felt like professionals, presenting our work to our number 1 client! What a great way to bring it all to a close.

Although the hard part is over, Al Dente is not yet finished. Next we are onto the fun part, the part that has minimal limitations and suits the ending to the semester well as we take all of the knowledge and skills we have gained throughout the identity process and can use it to formulate a poster of our own unique choice :) I am excited to see what everyone will come up with and how they we think to represent Al Dente through such a strong piece of print media as a poster!

Cheers for now!

Made with Love,
Group 3

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Move Towards the Finish Line

Post for Wednesday, November 17:

Today we spent class time doing our small group critiques. We’re talking less about overall placement now and focusing more on the details like kerning and keeping graphics consistent. At this point in the semester it’s nice to step back and just see how far everyone’s designs have progressed. Because we collaborated as a group for so long, we all used the overall concept of making the logotype look like pasta. However, what’s so interesting is how we each made it our own and found design solutions through very different approaches. Over the next couple of days we plan to tweak our designs and get them ready to present to Monique on Monday!

Label Time

Post for Wednesday, November 10:

This week we brought in our finalized (or well-redefined) iteration of our logos, along with our first set of iterations for labels and any other identity items we had (t-shirts or aprons). Together as a group and with Franc we discussed finishing touches for the logos, picking at small details for improvements, and discussed specifics for the labels, such as logo placement, hierarchy (separating the type of noodle from flavor, and differentiating between noodles types of the same flavor), typography, sizing, color, and images. This helped to give us a better understanding on how to construct our labels to not only follow our project proposal, but clearly define Al Dente Pasta Co. as a brand, and what characteristics play into that. From here we will continue to rework our labels and continue to build upon other items that make up the Al Dente identity.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Getting to the Nitty Gritty

Wednesday, November 3:

Today in class we brought in our next set of iterations for the stationary set. Since last week, we were able to go back and make changes and additions to what we initially designed. We reviewed specifics for sizing, spacing, bleeds, and structure for the stationary set as a whole and then further discussed our individual changes and designs in small groups with Franc. The feed back from both Franc and each other was very useful as having the view of a fresh eye always is.

From here we are to finalize our stationary designs and the begin our process on the bag labels.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Giving it our First Shot

Wednesday, October 27

Today in class we each showed our individual designs for the stationary
set: letterhead, mailing label, business card, and envelope. While we had
been working as a group, we each spent individual time working on these.
Surprisingly enough, we had a wide variety of styles as a group as well as
a class. This was one of the first days where we saw our ideas truly
materialize. It was awesome to see everyone's work! In the next few weeks
we will see even more solid designs, as we each perfect logotypes and
illustrations for the bags. I think everything is coming together very
nicely and Monique will be excited when she sees!

Stepping Over to Phase 2

Monday, October 25

On Monday we talked about phase two of the project and how we plan to apply our logos to everything from packaging to business cards and aprons. Though our concepts should be more finalized, we are also doing this in order to find what is and isn’t successful in our designs. As a result, we will still be tweaking and testing the readability of our logos along the way. After we finished with the class discussion, our group took some time to look at the different design directions we are taking from our initial concept. For the most part we are still going in the direction of hand drawn fonts, but with different interpretations. We are also choosing different color combinations but still staying in warmer color families.