Thursday, November 18, 2010

Label Time

Post for Wednesday, November 10:

This week we brought in our finalized (or well-redefined) iteration of our logos, along with our first set of iterations for labels and any other identity items we had (t-shirts or aprons). Together as a group and with Franc we discussed finishing touches for the logos, picking at small details for improvements, and discussed specifics for the labels, such as logo placement, hierarchy (separating the type of noodle from flavor, and differentiating between noodles types of the same flavor), typography, sizing, color, and images. This helped to give us a better understanding on how to construct our labels to not only follow our project proposal, but clearly define Al Dente Pasta Co. as a brand, and what characteristics play into that. From here we will continue to rework our labels and continue to build upon other items that make up the Al Dente identity.

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